John Hinderaker: “Everybody at Harvard Law School knows it’s a hoax!”

Who are we to disagree with prominent Minneapolis litigator, and conservative blogger, John H. Hinderaker, J.D., Harvard Law  School, 1977?

Thanks to Ed Whelan and Patrick Frey for retweeting this (you can help by also retweeting).

Clarification: There has been confusion about how to refer to the authors of this blog, given that the title, “Royall Asses,” refers of course only to the subjects (some contend, victims) of this blog.

We prefer “RAHA,” short for “Royall-Ass Haters Anonymous.”


5 thoughts on “John Hinderaker: “Everybody at Harvard Law School knows it’s a hoax!”

  1. Are Harvard Law School’s hallways and walkways free of security cameras and such? I doubt it. My guess is the administration knew who the “tape” people were immediately, because of camera security feeds.


  2. Very clever video. Maybe too clever. Because sometime between Friday evening, when the podcast was posted, and early Saturday afternoon, when you posted the video, one of you “Royall-Ass Haters Anonymous” became not so anonymous, when you swiped into the library to scan this guy’s yearbook photo, so you could include it in your video.

    Now maybe the library doesn’t keep track of who scans in, when, but I suspect the library does keep track, for legit reasons, because it helps to know was in the library, when, if a laptop or something else is stolen. How many students swiped in late Friday night, or Saturday morning? A few dozen, max? And how many of them fit the profile of someone who’d do a hateful blog like this. Good luck with your anonymous blogging guys!


    1. Perhaps HLS should hire a crack sleuth like you to track down the vile racists who defaced those poor professors’ portraits! Unfortunately the wrongdoers remain on the loose, probably using their white privilege to escape punishment.

      RAHA, can you provide an update on the University’s investigation? Why have the perpetrators not been caught? Was this a perfect crime? What says the administration?


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