HLS SJWs hypocritically object when conservatives video them

On April 30, Dave Huber of College Fix published this article calling attention to a remarkable video posted by the Social-Justice Warriors at Harvard Law School who, as part of their “Royall Must Fall” / “Reclaim HLS” movement, on February 25 traveled to Brandeis University to disrupt an event honoring our Dean, Martha Minow.

The video was first noticed by Harvard lawyer Ed Whelan (credited by Huber).

The Royall Asses’ disrespectful treatment of Dean Minow had the desired contemporaneous consequence of generating additional media coverage of the protesters’ agenda (e.g., articles here and here). It also drew heavy fire from commentators who castigated the protesters for heavy-handed bullying tactics, for example, here and here (to which one of the Royal Asses responded, here).

A key tactic used by SJWs is to video their protests, so as to give them impact far beyond the immediate event. And as Huber summarizes, the Royall Asses have now released video of their disrespectful treatment of Dean Minow. Of course, the purpose of the video is not to further embarrass Dean Minow — mind you, as explained in the notes (which you can view here, along with the full video), the video has been posted merely to “correct the record” regarding the nature of the protest, in answer to criticisms!

In addition to being inept hoaxers, the Royal Asses are inept video editors. The ten-minute length is far too long. Here’s the gist of the protest in just four minutes:

And here’s a video with the gist of the April 4 protest at Harvard Law School (part of the video was shot in “Belinda Hall,” the SJWs’ name for the main student lounge they’ve been occupying), disrupting a speech by a top federal housing official (media coverage of that fiasco here, here, and here; full video available available at link in notes here):

It seems hypocritical that the HLS SJWs would video their rude treatment of authority figures, and publish the video in an apparent effort to further embarrass their targets, but object to themselves being videoed when they take down signs posted by conservative counter-protesters (coverage of that controversy, which erupted during the week of March 28, here, here, here, and here).

You see, it’s racist for a white conservative student to video a black female leftist tearing down signs put up by conservatives students — or at least that was what one of the Royall Asses suggested in this video shot on March 31, 2016 (the students who shot it blurred the faces, because the HLS administration did not make clear until the following day that it was permissible to shoot video in the lounge, yet even so, the student-run HLS school newspaper refused to publish the video):

And here’s an entertaining video, shot the next day (appropriately, April 1), of one of the Royall Asses explaining that only leftists enjoy an unrestricted right of free speech at Harvard Law School, and that white conservatives may only post their signs in the small section of wall reserved for speech by those having “white privilege”:

Are we alone in finding it despicable that the HLS SJWs not only shot video of themselves disrupting speeches by our Dean, and by an important federal official, but now have published the videos in an apparent effort to further embarrass their targets?

The least we can do is make sure all those following the sad and troubling (although at times amusing) events at Harvard Law School during the past few months are aware that the Royall Asses aren’t merely racist-hate-speech hoaxers. They’re hypocrites.

4 thoughts on “HLS SJWs hypocritically object when conservatives video them

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