Revealed: 45 Harvard Law students who went along with Gestapo tactics against us

On April 22 we published e-mails — leaked to us by one of the members of the “Royall Must Fall” / “Reclaim HLS” movement — documenting that back in December members of the movement sought to have us investigated by the FBI merely for blogging about the movement, and also were (purportedly) told by HLS administrators that Harvard resources were being used in an effort to discover our identities.

In response, law professor Glenn Reynolds, who runs the highly popular “Instapundit” blog, suggested that if it’s true that these leftist students pressed for an FBI investigation of us, their conservative critics, it “ought to be reported to the bar ethics commissions in states where they plan to practice.”

We will leave it to others to judge the appropriate response to these students, but it does seem clear that all but one of the dozens of leftists who either wrote, or were copied on, the e-mails were complicit in an effort to target us for investigation merely for blogging from a conservative point of view. (As indicated earlier, only one student copied on the e-mails forwarded them to us, anonymously.)

To aid anyone who either now or in the future may be interested in investigating these students, during the past several weeks we have pulled together some basic information on all 46 students listed on the e-mails — 45 of who were bystanders to injustice against us, doing nothing at all to alert us to the fact that Harvard resources were (purportedly) being used to investigate our identities, and that there even was an effort underway to have us investigated by the FBI.

Of course we have included photos of the students, where available, so that everyone can take into account the racial and gender characteristics of the people involved — critical factors in any social-justice movement.

In keeping with the jocular, irreverent tone of this blog, and for clarity and future shorthand use, we have numbered each student, designating each of them (with one exception) as an officially recognized “Royall Ass.” The first six students are the students who we have already, in past blog posts, officially designated as “Royall Asses,” labeled one through six. We then take up the numbering from seven through 46.

Keep in mind that one of the 46 is not a “Royall Ass” at all, but is instead a whistleblower who alerted us to what was happening. That person, of course, can clear himself or herself of any suggestion of impropriety, if ever investigated by bar authorities, journalists, or anyone else regarding this incident, by producing a copy of the e-mail sent to us alerting us to the situation. We of course will be happy to confirm the authenticity of that e-mail if anyone contacts us for that purpose. We want to make sure that nothing we write here ends up hurting the one student involved in this corrupt movement who turned out to be an upstander to justice.


1. Derecka Purnell, J.D. 2016



[“Royall Ass # 1” — see summary at bottom of this post.]

2. Mawuse Hor Vormawor, L.L.M. 2016



[“Royall Ass # 2 — see summary at bottom of this post.]

3. Alexander J. Clayborne, J.D. 2016




[“Royall Ass # 3” — see summary at bottom of this post.]

4. Brian Klosterboer, J.D.2016



[“Royall Ass # 4” — see summary at bottom of this post.]

5. Husam Al-Dean El-Qoulaq, J.D. 2016



[“Royall Ass # 5” — see this post]

6. Christian Williams, J.D. 2017




[“Royall Ass # 6” — see summary at bottom of this post.]

7. Patricia Alejandro, J.D. 2017

8. Mihal Ansik, J.D. 2016

9. Nadia Arid, J.D. 2016
Alianza Executive Board
Harvard Latino Law Review Executive Board
Harvard CR-CL Law Review Editorial Board

10. Mickey Belaineh, J.D. 2016
Lambda Executive Board

11. Anna Byers, J.D. 2016
Women’s Law Association Executive Board

12. Isaac Cameron, J.D. 2017

13. Jess Carballo, J.D. 2017

Alianza Executive Board
Lambda Executive Board

14. Sarah Cohen, J.D. 2016

15. Jeohn Favors

16. Gabriela Follett


17. Cindy Guan, J.D. 2017


18. Antuan Johnson, J.D. 2016

19. Shay Johnson, J.D. 2016

20. Anna Joseph, J.D. 2016
Lambda Executive Board

21. Christina Joseph, J.D. 2017


22. Rena Karefa-Johnson, J.D. 2016

23. Aharon Kaslow, J.D. 2017

24. Simmi Kaur, J.D. 2017

25. Sam Koplewicz, J.D. 2016


26. Esther Labrado, J.D. 2017!area-6/qwxr2

27. Robin A. Ladd, J.D. 2017

28. Peyton Lee, J.D. 2016

29. Ke’Andra Levingston, J.D. 2017!scholarships/p6jeb

30. Jacob Lipton, J.D. 2016


31. Coby Loup, J.D. 2016

32. Faye Maison, J.D. 2016


33. Megan Marks, J.D. 2016

34. Ashley Menzies, J.D. 2017

35. Mitha Nandagopalan, J.D. 2018

36. Danielle Pingue, J.D. 2016




37. Collin Poirot, J.D. 2018
Facebook, a/k/a Collin Pelletier, here

38. Rathna Ramamurthi, J.D. 2017

39. Titi Rasaki, J.D. 2017

40. Elizabeth Reece, J.D. 2016

41. Emma Scott, J.D. 2016


42. Leland Shelton, J.D. 2016

43. Lindiwe Sibande, L.L.M. 2016,

44. Bianca Tylek, J.D. 2016


45. Salome Viljoen, J.D. 2016

46. Lakeisha Williams, J.D. 2016


8 thoughts on “Revealed: 45 Harvard Law students who went along with Gestapo tactics against us

  1. i have zero idea what all this is about – even after asking law school friends about it I still didnt get it. but theres no surprise in seeing esther labrado on that list. dont believe the “arent i so sweet” ploy. she cannot be trusted. if her personal affairs are anything to go by she isnt someone who should ever be allowed to practice law.


  2. Lol. Whoever wrote this blog is a complete idiot. I mean, you’d have to have half a brain to speak so negatively about a lot of great and intelligent students advocating for positivity and change. Find another hobby instead of picking on people who are better than you. Thanks.


  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog andwished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed andI hope you write again soon!


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