Dec. 6 e-mail

Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 12:36 PM

If you have received a threat, please contact me

From: Christian Williams <

To: “Anna Joseph” <>, “Christina Joseph” <>, “Lakeisha Williams” <>, Coby Loup <>, Aharon Kaslow <>, “Emma Scott” <>, “Patricia Alejandro>” <>, “Bianca Tylek” <>, “Leland Shelton” <>, “AJ Clayborne” <>, “Peyton Lee” <>, “Isaac Cameron” <>, Danielle Pingue <>, Nadia Arid <>, Ke’Andra Levingston <>, Derecka Purnell <>, Mihal Ansik <>, “Elizabeth Reece” <>, Esther Labrado <>, “Jeohn Favors” <>, “Megan Marks” <>, “Sarah Cohen” <>, “Mitha Nandagopalan” <>, “Johnson, Shay” <>, Sam Koplewicz <>, Gabriela Follett <>,, “Jacob Lipton” <>, Mawuse Hor Vormawor <>, “Simmi Kaur” <>, Cindy Guan <>, “Byers, Anna” <>, Collin Poirot <>, “Ladd, Robin A” <>,, Husam AlDean
ElQoulaq <>, “Salome Viljoen” <>, “Jess Carballo” <>, “Mickey Belaineh” <>, Antuan Johnson <>, “Brian Klosterboer” <>, Ashley Menzies <>,, “Rathna Ramamurthi” <>, “Rena KarefaJohnson <>, “Titi Rasaki” <>

Hello Loves:

Those of you who have received a death threats, or other kinds of threats, due to our racial justice movement here at HLS, can you please 1) email me and 2) send me a copy of the threat.

My dad works in DC and one suggestion he had for tracing anonymous threats was reach out to the FBI. The local police just don’t have the tech capability to trace anonymous threats over the internet.

AJ, Mawuse, and Brian: if I have your permission, I will also ask the FBI to consider monitoring the Royall Asses blog.

To be clear: I will not ask the FBI for anything anything unless I have your individual permission. (Just in case people are concerned about action being taken on their behalf without their permission.) However, please do send the info so I can see what kind of evidence we would have if an agent was to be assigned to our case.

I know we are all passionate and courageous, but I am also all about keeping us safe. So please do reach out to me whether you received an email or an aggressive sticky note.

Thanks guys!

Christian ❤

Christian Williams
Harvard Law Class 2017
Yale University Class 2014