Dec. 8 e-mail

Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 1:33 PM

Update re: safety etc. concerns

From: Christian Williams <>

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Hey Guys!

Brian and I met with Dean Sells, Tracy Daley, and Jeff McNaught at 10am this morning. We wanted to find out what our options are if we have safety or wellbeing concerns for any staff, students, or professors in the movement.

1. Electronic concerns: The “Coalition for Racial Justice at HLS” Blogger Blog, The “Royall Asses” WordPress Blog, the “Nigger” email to professors.

The head of HLS IT and HUPD are looking into finding out who is behind the blogs and the email. In the meantime, we are trying to avoid drawing undo attention to these sites because the more they are tweeted, posted, reposted, or Googled, the more their profiles rises. There is a chance that literally only one person is doing this, and we don’t want to encourage them.

2. Threats and/or Harassment

These can be reported to DOS and/or HUPD

What you should do:

Documenting is important going forward in case we need to file a report. If you have had an incident due to your affiliation with Reclaim HLS, or incidents related to social justice organizing, racism, or marginalization, please email me and include the evidence (if any). Emailing me does not mean any report will be filed or any action will be taken. This is just to keep track and gauge whether more action needs to be taken.


Info you email will be placed in an encrypted file and if you don’t like email, you can call or text me instead 🙂 571-246-6140.

Ya’ll are the best!

Brian & Christian

p.s. Please forward to anyone I missed!!!