Royall Ass # 5: Husam El-Quolaq, student who mocked “smelly” Jewish leader

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(5 p.m. update) Thanks to Harvard attorney Ed Whelan for his extensive commentary on this post on his Twitter feed, in particular this aptly titled tweet: “Harvard Law School tried to conceal Husam El-Quolaq’s identity.”

(4/21, 11 p.m. update) Thanks to Harvard attorney John Hinderaker for his blog post summarizing and commenting on our work: “Harvard Law Anti-Semite Revealed: No Surprises.”

(4/22, 10 a.m. update) Hinderaker’s co-blogger, attorney Scott Johnson, has now published on this sorry affair. In a post aptly titled “Harvard’s Disgrace,” he observes that “Harvard Law School is drinking deeply from El-Qoulaq’a Kool-Aid,” and concludes that the Law School “is the friend of those who hate [Jews], treating them with the deference and protection that is manifest in their actions” (emphasis added).

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After a flurry of activity in launching this blog, in early December we suspended our blogging after learning of the Royal Asses’ efforts to have us investigated by federal officials — merely for writing about, and mocking, key students involved in a protest movement that almost certainly staged a hoax to gain attention for the movement’s cause.

We decided, at least for the time being, not to give anyone any further excuse or incentive to investigate us. Later we might elaborate further on how we learned of the efforts to have us investigated.

We now break our silence to comment on the third-year Harvard Law School student who, at an official Law School event on April 14 featuring prominent Jewish leader Tzipi Livni, made a crude anti-Semitic remark, twice asking her why she was so “smelly.” Continue reading Royall Ass # 5: Husam El-Quolaq, student who mocked “smelly” Jewish leader

Dean Minow: Please restore order at our law school

We write on behalf of the silent majority of Harvard Law School students who are repelled by the November 19 “hate crime” hoax, and who do not wish to continue being subjected to disorder caused by the relative handful of racialist activists at this school who are bent on compelling others to pay attention to their agenda. Continue reading Dean Minow: Please restore order at our law school

The Evidence Inculpating the Royall Asses

Just before 8:30 a.m. on November 19, as first-year students began arriving for their LegReg class with Professor Todd Rakoff in Room 1015 of Wasserstein Hall (which was scheduled to begin at 8:40 a.m.), all hell broke loose when someone noticed the black tape put over the faces of black professors. Thus “Tape-Gate” came to the attention of the world. Continue reading The Evidence Inculpating the Royall Asses

Who are the “Royall Asses”?

The “Royal Asses,” as this blog calls them, are student “agitators” (their word) at Harvard Law School who appear relatively uninterested in their legal studies, or in achieving any practical change in the world, and who instead are obsessed with ensuring that no one in the world ever again sees the following image, which is currently the official Harvard Law School crest:



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