Ari Lieberman: “Harvard Law School: Protecting Anti-Semites, Targeting Conservative Students”


Belated, but heartfelt, thanks to attorney Ari Lieberman for his masterful April 29 essay (which was picked up by Breitbart, and which drew thousands of new readers to our blog) contrasting the hostile treatment at Harvard of us, conservatives students who merely run a humorous blog, with the fawning treatment of a leftist hate-group leader, Royall Ass # 5, Husam El-Quolaq.

As conservatives at Harvard, we’re accustomed to being treated as members of a despised minority, so until reading Mr. Lieberman’s essay we did not fully comprehend the egregiousness, to an objective observer, of how we’ve been treated versus how Mr. El-Quolaq has been treated. Here’s an extended excerpt (bolding added by us):

Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last few days, you’ve almost certainly come across the name Husam El Qoulaq, the rabidly anti-Israeli, third-year Harvard Law School student who hurled an anti-Semitic trope at an Israeli parliamentarian during a question and answer session. What most of you may not be familiar with is the Orwellian-like hypocrisy employed by Harvard Law School to protect the identities of anti-Semitic agitators while at the same time utilizing all tools at their disposal to unmask the identities of bloggers, whose only crime was to expose a hoax committed by self-proclaimed “social justice warriors.

* * * * *

El Qoulaq’a April 14 antics were unsurprising given his sordid past and current BDS-SJP affiliations. What is in fact surprising is the length to which Harvard Law School went to protect his identity, shielding it from any form of well-deserved scrutiny. HLS condemned his comments but then inexplicably censored that portion of the video featuring the disgraceful exchange. What’s more, the Harvard Law Record, a student newspaper, joined in this despicable charade, violating basic norms of journalistic integrity. They even went so far as to allow El Qoulaq to submit an anonymous and rather insincere “apology.”

* * * * *

Now contrast Harvard’s actions when dealing with anonymous Harvard bloggers who used satire, wit and humor to expose the shenanigans of Harvard’s radical left. A group of moderate students, sickened by what they rightfully perceived as the hijacking of their school, started a blog known as the Royall Asses, which mocked bizarre efforts by radical leftist students, with lots of spare time of their hands, to turn the university on its head.

To their credit, the [bloggers] exposed an alleged “hate crime” committed at Harvard as a hoax that was almost certainly perpetrated by leftist agitators. They also employed satire and jocularity to shame student radicals and expose their abject hypocrisy. This proved to be too much to bear for the leftists and their useful idiot allies within the administration. Emails obtained by the Royall Asses show that the leftists contemplated using the FBI to probe the Royal Asses under the false guise that the bloggers issued threats and that the leftists felt threatened and unsafe.

Another email, even more pernicious than the first, exposes the link between the radicals and high-level Harvard officials. The email details a meeting held between the radicals and administrators and alleges that top Harvard officials vowed to utilize their information technology resources as well as campus police to uncover the identities of the bloggers.

It cannot be overstated that not a single blog post was threatening or menacing and not a single post used pejoratives toward minorities or otherwise denigrated them. Yet the according to the email, the university either employed or contemplated employing Mukhabarat-like tactics to track down a humorous blog dedicated to exposing xenophobic hypocrisy. Looks like the folks at Harvard have been getting tips at suppressing legitimate dissent from Turkey’s Erdogan.

Harvard Law School has chosen to zealously guard the identity of a miscreant like Husam El Qoulaq while contemporaneously expending resources on tracking “enemies of the state” whose sole transgression appears to be employing humor to combat politically correct tyranny. It is indeed a sad reflection on Harvard Law School and the morally bankrupted values held by its top echelon.

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